Questioning Where is The Love


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Sewing Lessons

The Old Cloth and the New
© 1999 Mercedes Douglas

The Old Cloth and the New

Stitched in time the thread is pulled from its spool.

Spinning and spinning it’s joined together with the

the thread of another.

Side by side they move and take their ride, up and

down they go.

Their ride goes on and on until they reach the edge,

then they are knotted together to remain strong

to keep the fabric together.

Another stitch, another thread in and out of the

fabric, the rich cloth that was once looked at as

scraps, pieces of a dream, the dream that

waits for the dawning.

It came alive when the instrument and

music came together.

The sound of joy, the sound of peace.

Can you hear it, softly in the distance?

The thread is fitted tight now with fabric, it

is complete.

Hemmed in the right places, without excess alterations.

From one moment to the next what looked like

a mystery, a misery, turned out to be

a great piece of work.

Shooting Stars

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Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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United Way Shoebox Project

The faces of homelessness can be seen everywhere and when you stop and think about the situation it’s truly heartbreaking.

Recently I came across a program that is sponsored by the United Way called the Shoebox Project (February 14th – May 8th). The concept is simple, fill an empty shoebox with toiletries that women and children can use and drop it off at a nearby United Way site. The fun part of the project is that people are encouraged to decorate the boxes; so  it’s like giving a wrapped present. For more information on the Shoebox project click here.

Perhaps there isn’t a project like this in your area and you wonder how you can help. There are plenty of ways to get involved, you  can start by locating organizations or groups in your area that offer assistance to those who are homeless and find out what you can do.  Be the answer to someone in need.