Towering Santa

This Santa is GINORMOUS! It’s almost as tall as the house.


Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings

Always Something To Give

Whether you realize it or not, we all have something to give; no matter how great or small, we can give something. Our giving doesn’t have to be a public display where the media captures the moment (that rarely happens to the average person). Some of the most memorable times to give are the ones that the crowds don’t see. Like the brief instances when the giving even surprises the giver…spur of the moment or acting on impulse.
Each year around Thanksgiving and Christmas I hear the phrase “tis the season of giving,” but why wait for a special time of year, the act of giving has no time frame or limitation. It might be a challenge to give to others when you might need help yourself. It can be that you don’t have the time or any money to give, what do you do then? I’d like you to take a moment to remember a time in your life when someone made time for you, or they helped you out financially. Do you remember that feeling of gratitude. Take inventory of your personal assets, you could have a little more to spare than you originally thought then you might be able to make a deposit in someone’s “life account”. You’d be surprised at the rate of return. I truly believe that giving from the heart is the best place to start.


Casually speaking and all the best,