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Living it Up this Summer

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Trying New Things: Pilates Class

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For the first time, I took a Pilates class, only because I was with a group of friends, if it was just me, I probably wouldn’t have participated. I don’t know, but  thinking about exercise classes brought back memories of gym class in high school. Remember when, the gym teacher would provide the instruction for the class activity and they’d usually select the least athletic and most reluctant student to perform it. Then, each student would follow along and perform the activity and listen out for the teacher’s comments, such as, “Good job.” or “C’mon, you can do better than that.”  I became a critic, at least in my mind. Most the time I would take a step back and make mental comparisons of all the students and how they performed; who was trying from who was slacking off. It was nothing of real importance, just an escape from not wanting to be in gym class. I would have rather done my own thing, at my own pace and get a grade for just for participating.
Okay, back to the present day. I entered the Pilates class with an open mind and a willing spirit to just try my best. I haven’t been active the past year and I know I need to get my butt in gear, literally, I’m not getting any younger. So, taking a Pilates class was a good start for my body. Let me tell you, it was a good class and I had a great time, partly because we had a fabulous instructor, Jazz J. (she was awesome.) What was so good about the class? Well, it wasn’t rushed, you were eased from one movement to the next and every part of your body was involved in the process. The core  to Pilates is your breathing, it helps with your rhythm, your movement and rest states. Towards the end of the class each participant received a cool lavender towel placed gently on their forehead by the instructor, which was a welcome relief for my hot and sweaty body. I’m glad I went and it was good to try that new thing, despite past memories that used to make me feel uncomfortable. I’d say I’ll probably take another Pilates class or I may even venture to take Yoga (inhale and breathe out). Exercise does a body right!

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Nothing Much

I’ve always thought the cliché, “silence is golden”, was so profound and recently I experienced the joy of silence. Driving home from work the other day with the radio on while dealing with the challenges of rush hour traffic and a commute that could easily turn into an hour’s drive depending on the day of the week and if it rains or not (seriously, that’s traffic in Atlanta). Normally I listen to the latest news updates, weather and traffic report, but I suddenly felt prompted to turn the radio off. After I did all the clutter and busyness in my head started to dissipate. Almost instantly I felt a calming and peacefulness fill me. It was an amazing experience, to witness how shutting out the noise; rehearsed to-do lists and past conversations in my head were replaced with a clarity and focus. Since then I’ve tried turning off the distractions a couple of times and I got the same results. I know this isn’t a new discovery, but it’s a good reminder to take a moment to hear nothing much.

Casually speaking and all the best,