Trying New Things: Eating Alligator Meat

Not that I’ve always wanted to try eating alligator meat, but when I visited New Orléans a few Christmases ago I passed on the chance to try it for the first time. I found a local Louisiana styled restaurant, Just Loaf’n, and thought why not try some alligator, and today I did. Here’s what I thought about eating alligator… tasty and delicious.2015-07-25_21.02.30 The sandwich was light and crunchy with the right combination of flavors. You know how when you eat something for the first time, you try to associate it with something you’ve eaten before; leading many people to say, “taste like chicken.” To me, the taste of alligator stands on its own and doesn’t taste like chicken. I also added a couple beignets to my order to satisfy my sweet tooth, I’ve eaten those before, and this batch was soo good. I would definitely eat alligator again, I’m glad I tried it. Casually speaking and all the best, Mercedes