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Towering Santa

This Santa is GINORMOUS! It’s almost as tall as the house.


Trying New Things: Pilates Class

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For the first time, I took a Pilates class, only because I was with a group of friends, if it was just me, I probably wouldn’t have participated. I don’t know, but  thinking about exercise classes brought back memories of gym class in high school. Remember when, the gym teacher would provide the instruction for the class activity and they’d usually select the least athletic and most reluctant student to perform it. Then, each student would follow along and perform the activity and listen out for the teacher’s comments, such as, “Good job.” or “C’mon, you can do better than that.”  I became a critic, at least in my mind. Most the time I would take a step back and make mental comparisons of all the students and how they performed; who was trying from who was slacking off. It was nothing of real importance, just an escape from not wanting to be in gym class. I would have rather done my own thing, at my own pace and get a grade for just for participating.
Okay, back to the present day. I entered the Pilates class with an open mind and a willing spirit to just try my best. I haven’t been active the past year and I know I need to get my butt in gear, literally, I’m not getting any younger. So, taking a Pilates class was a good start for my body. Let me tell you, it was a good class and I had a great time, partly because we had a fabulous instructor, Jazz J. (she was awesome.) What was so good about the class? Well, it wasn’t rushed, you were eased from one movement to the next and every part of your body was involved in the process. The core  to Pilates is your breathing, it helps with your rhythm, your movement and rest states. Towards the end of the class each participant received a cool lavender towel placed gently on their forehead by the instructor, which was a welcome relief for my hot and sweaty body. I’m glad I went and it was good to try that new thing, despite past memories that used to make me feel uncomfortable. I’d say I’ll probably take another Pilates class or I may even venture to take Yoga (inhale and breathe out). Exercise does a body right!

Casually speaking and all the best,

Trying New Things: Eating Alligator Meat

Not that I’ve always wanted to try eating alligator meat, but when I visited New Orléans a few Christmases ago I passed on the chance to try it for the first time. I found a local Louisiana styled restaurant, Just Loaf’n, and thought why not try some alligator, and today I did. Here’s what I thought about eating alligator… tasty and delicious.2015-07-25_21.02.30 The sandwich was light and crunchy with the right combination of flavors. You know how when you eat something for the first time, you try to associate it with something you’ve eaten before; leading many people to say, “taste like chicken.” To me, the taste of alligator stands on its own and doesn’t taste like chicken. I also added a couple beignets to my order to satisfy my sweet tooth, I’ve eaten those before, and this batch was soo good. I would definitely eat alligator again, I’m glad I tried it. Casually speaking and all the best, Mercedes

Trying New Things

Today is a special day, I’m thankful to God to celebrate another birthday. Whoa! Each year I become reflective and set a plan to live better that year; however, this year I want to intentionally try new things every week. I haven’t decided what things, specifically, I’ll do yet, but I know new experiences, cultures, foods and destinations await, while keeping my options open.

This is what I did today…..

I love, love movies and I usually go to the movie theater at least three to four times a month or catch movies on DVD. The past few months I haven’t been able to get out to theater like I really want, but today that changed. I had my own movie marathon. I went to the “dollar theater” and caught up on a few movies. It was great; I laughed; I cried, but most importantly I had fun. For less than $5.00 I saw three movies, the animated movie Home @ 12 noon; had a quick-lunch at Chick-fil-A then back to the theater  Pitch Perfect 2 @ 2 o’clock and finished it off with Fast and Furious 7 @ 3:55 p.m. Movies 10 7.16.15 Movies 10 tix 7.16.15 Is there something new you want to try? How about making it happen sooner than later?

Casually speaking and all the best,

I’m JUST Saying

Years ago my parents brought our family from our island home to the United States in hopes of living a more fulfilling life, and growing up I saw many examples of life with possibilities. So when I hear someone describe themselves or their possessions and add the word JUST as an adjective, it makes me wonder about limitations. Here are a few examples:  “I’m just the cook.”  “I’m just a cashier, but I want to be a manager.” “I’m just trying to get by on one check.” “Oh, that’s just our house even though it needs work.” Using the word just in these instances is like applying the brakes on a moving vehicle and no one ever gets very far if they’re constantly on the brakes. If we take off the limitations then we’ll move along life at a more accelerated pace.

“What do you do for a living?” “Well, I’m a cook and I’m studying to become a chef.”

“Do you enjoy working at the store?” ” I do, I’m a cashier, for now, but I’m taking management classes and someday I’ll be a manager.”

“Oh, it must be difficult financially since your wife got sick and can’t work?” “I’m happy she’s on her way to recovery but I’m glad that I’m healthy enough to bring in an income for the both of us.”

“Boy, you probably don’t have a moment’s peace with all the people in your house, huh? “We are grateful to have a place of our own that we can call home.”

Try not to JUST be this or that, BE. Once you change your words you change your world.

Casually speaking and all the best,

Springing to Life

Winter Postcard

Offering Thanks

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has visited this blog and an extra thank you to those who come back again and again. When I add a post my intention is to share information, offer encouragement or start a conversation. I’d love to hear from you, so write a comment; like a post or make a suggestion. No matter the language it all means THANK YOU.

Casually speaking and all the best,

Worldly Thanks