We all have a story and experiences that help to enrich our lives. The goal of Casually Speaking is to share such experiences, tips and ideas that help us all to move forward in a positive direction. As human beings we should be doers, not just observers commenting from the sidelines, we’re all players in this game of life. We should try to do better than our best so that at the end we can make a complete deposit in the earth.

For years I’ve loved writing. Poetry was my first love and while I was in college I found another, and that was writing children stories. I won’t classify myself as just a writer for children’s stories, that’s limiting, I also write short stories, articles, finished my first novel in spring 2010 and some times I still write poetry. The stories somehow find their way to me and I’m compelled to share them. When I write, I journey to places that I generally would not have gone and come across some interesting characters…I always enjoy the ride and anxiously look forward to the next escape.

My story is simple. I’m the second child to my parents, born on a beautiful tropical island. From there I grew up, with humble beginnings in the big city (New York is my kinda town) and made my roots. I started college with the intention of taking pre-med courses in hopes of being a pediatrician, but instead I graduated with a greater appreciation for the English language and a desire to write (that’s a story in itself). There were many stumbles made along the way; through them all I’ve discovered more about the world and my place in it. I’m enjoying the journey and taking notes along the way. That’s my life.




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