Defining Moments

What defines you? Welcome little baby, the world has been waiting to meet you. Now everything will be different on the outside, you’ll have room to stretch, kick, turn and see all that’s around. There will be faces to get to know and words that will become your vocabulary. Your name is special, just like you, because it was chosen with care and it’ll be with you until the end. You will grow, explore and learn new things, but school won’t define you. Your education won’t be found in just one place but through your experiences; the places you’ll visit; the people you’ll interact with and the books you’ll read. You’ll earn a living, hopefully doing what you enjoy the most, but your job won’t define you. The talents within you will allow you to create; develop; analyze; search; discuss and so much more that one job couldn’t really afford to pay you what you have to offer. There will be someone special who you can share your hopes and dreams with, but remember, they won’t define you either. You are a whole person and having people around to encourage and uplift you is a bonus, and the others who  try to break you just aren’t worth your time. Your life will be enriched by your contributions to the world because love always returns to itself greater than it left. The dictionary has a plethora of words and meanings but you won’t find a definition of yourself in there, because you’re always evolving on your journey. Ultimately, what defines you is YOU!

Casually speaking and all the best,


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