Coding for Girls

Reshma Saujani , Founder, and Kristin Titus, Executive Director, along with their staff run the non-profit Girls Who Code and have started a movement to inspire young women to fall in love with math and science. In the world of technology there are brilliant minds  behind the scenes but few of them are female, Reshma Saujani has set out to even the field and teach young women there is a bright future in the field of computer science.

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Since the organization launched in 2012 they have made significant strides in teaching HTML, app development, web design and more to aspiring girls. They’ve had two summer immersion programs, one of which the 2012 graduating class developed apps as their final projects while the 2013 program gained recognition from partners like Google, Twitter , Ebay and many others. Starting in New York, Girls Who Code plans to expand to other cities: Detroit, San José and San Francisco. The goal of Girls Who Code is, to provide computer science education and exposure to 1 million young women by 2020.”

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