Having for Now

HorizonWe’re in such a hurry these days and sometimes life has to stand in our way for us to change our pace. Take for instance, a long time friend comes to mind that you haven’t spoken with in a while and you think to yourself, ” I should call _____,” but you don’t. Weeks go by and the same friend comes back to your mind again and you still don’t call. You get a phone call from that friend not too long after, they  tell you they had gone through a rough patch and just got a chance to lift their head above water. If you had called them first would it have made a difference?  Possibly. Another example is your commute to and from home, you know the route backwards and forwards with ease. Sometimes you reach your front door and it’s a blur how you got there. That ever happen to you? Then you wonder how the time goes by so quickly.

We move through life on a ship of convenience with the wind of familiarity guiding our sail as we chase what’s next. Getting caught up in the plans for tomorrow and the dreams from yesterday  we don’t pay much attention to the now. Simple changes can help us to live for now. Wake up slowly. Try enjoying your first breath you recognize in the morning. Let music flow in and out of you. Smile back at the sunshine, even through the raindrops.  Absorb your day, because you’re living.

We don’t have forever, but we have for now, try not to let anything get in the way of it.

Why aren’t we living for now?

Casually speaking and all the best,


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