Staying Alive

Deep breath in…. breath out….Aaah.  With that simple exercise it took many parts of the body to make it work, but the most important part is the heart. We could live with only one kidney or the loss of an appendage, but we could never live without a heart.

Years ago my husband was diagnosed with a heart condition after he mentioned to his doctor that he was feeling tightness in his chest and sometimes he felt out of breath. After a visit to a cardiologist he was told he had a weak heart and that he should consider getting a pacemaker. My husband is very health conscious, he loves his vegetables and he stays active, so it was a total shock to hear his heart wasn’t as strong as we thought. His cardiologist put him on medication and monitored him bi-annually on the regulatory effects to his heart. After a four-year period of being on the medication, in 2012 he had a serious allergic reaction that landed him in the emergency room. He was immediately taken off that medication and given another medication for his heart. A year later the medication has responded well to his body with an increase in heart rate, according to his cardiologist he is no longer a candidate for a pacemaker.  My husband works out at least 3 days a week, eats properly (at least most of the time) and makes sure he takes his medicine along with vitamin supplements. As a result, I do what I can to take better care of my heart.

World Heart Day is September 29th and I’d like to offer a challenge for us to explore ways to strengthen our hearts. Heart disease is the leading cause of death, but there are ways to prevent it. The World Heart Federation is the organizer of World Heart Day and bolsters preventive measures for heart disease with contributing factors such as inactive lifestyle, poor diet and tobacco use. World Heart Foundation offers various events to the public, through screenings, walk/runs and other sporting events, concerts and group discussions. Visit their website to find out more here. Whatever you do, take extra care of your heart so you can stay alive.

Video by LochRaven62

Casually speaking and all the best,


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