That’s Boring

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “that’s boring” or “I’m bored”, and maybe you’ve said it yourself a time or two. Admittedly, sometimes things can get monotonous or stale. However, we are creative beings, some more than others, and each day is a clean slate; an empty canvas just waiting for us to create. One of the keys to not settling into a rut is to keep doing things and actively pursue life.  Regardless of what we’re required to do, like earn a living; get an education or make an impact in the community, there should be some room carved out every day to make/ grow/ develop/ design/ write/ dance/ plant/ discuss/ or learn something. Anything. As they say, “Life is what you MAKE it!”, so go ahead a make it good. If you’re busy making things happen when would you have time to be bored?

Casually speaking and all the best,



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