Biding farewell to Summer

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The end of summer is quickly approaching, even though this year, June, July and August haven’t behaved like the summers I remember. Where we live we got pounded with heavy rain and thunderstorms in June. As a result, in my garden the poor annuals couldn’t take all the rain, so they said their goodbyes and made an early exit. Then in July it would have been nice to dry out a bit, but with endless overcast days and afternoon showers we still didn’t see much of the sun. We had hopes for August to  make up for the other two months, but sadly August must have had an identity crisis because it brought cool autumn breezes instead. Today, my eyes weren’t deceiving me when I walked down my driveway and saw fallen leaves on the ground. Where did the summer go so fast?  Maybe next year summer will hang around a little longer.

Casually speaking and all the best,



  1. It was certainly an interesting summer. I’m ready for the fall—not a fan of the heat. Here’s to cooling off:).

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