Nothing Much

I’ve always thought the cliché, “silence is golden”, was so profound and recently I experienced the joy of silence. Driving home from work the other day with the radio on while dealing with the challenges of rush hour traffic and a commute that could easily turn into an hour’s drive depending on the day of the week and if it rains or not (seriously, that’s traffic in Atlanta). Normally I listen to the latest news updates, weather and traffic report, but I suddenly felt prompted to turn the radio off. After I did all the clutter and busyness in my head started to dissipate. Almost instantly I felt a calming and peacefulness fill me. It was an amazing experience, to witness how shutting out the noise; rehearsed to-do lists and past conversations in my head were replaced with a clarity and focus. Since then I’ve tried turning off the distractions a couple of times and I got the same results. I know this isn’t a new discovery, but it’s a good reminder to take a moment to hear nothing much.

Casually speaking and all the best,



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