Fighting Hunger

While watching Better TV show this weekend I saw an interview with  spokesperson actor Chris Noth, love that guy ever since he was on Law & Order…I digress, and heard that he has partnered with Beaulieu Vineyard® (BV) and their Give & Give Back program. I thought it would be fitting since today is World Food Day, to highlight the efforts of one company who has joined the  fight to feed the hungry. In addition to donating a million meals a year, BV has expanded their giving to celebrate local heroes.

Visit the BV’s Facebook page here  to nominate someone you know that is helping to fight hunger in their local community or abroad through their volunteering, donation or advocacy. A donation of $1,000 will be given  in honor of the winning  Hometown Hunger Hero chosen from the list of nominations  each month, to the hunger relief organization of their choosing. This endeavor will run between now and March 2013. One among these Hometown Hunger Heroes will be chosen at the end of March as the National Hometown Hero and BV will donate an extra $10,000 to the hunger relief  organization of the winner’s choice.

Remember to always drink responsibly.

Casually speaking and all the best,


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