Saving for a Change: Tip #16

National coffee day is today and coffee drinkers are thrilled that many restaurants are offering free cups of coffee.  I’m not a coffee drinker but I love Starbucks coffee, for my garden. Starbucks provides gardeners with a great resource for their garden and it’s free.  They call it Grounds for the Garden. You simply contact a local Starbucks and ask if they have any coffee grounds, most times they’ll hold a bag for you. Some locations have a bin where they store bags of old coffee grounds and patrons can simply pick-up the grounds from the bin, no questions asked.
*Three benefits of “recycling” the Starbucks coffee grounds:

  1. Helps to keep used coffee grounds out of the landfills
  2. Reduces Starbucks environmental footprint
  3. Makes your plants even happier

For years many gardeners have added rich, dark aromatic coffee grounds into their flower beds and the plants show their appreciation by offering healthier plants with bursts of color and strong root systems.  The coffee grounds can be added directly to the soil,  by mixing the coffee grounds with top soil/potting soil for new plantings or to the base of the plant for existing plants. If you prefer, you could add the coffee grounds to your compost mixture for later use. This tip works for container gardens too. The coffee grounds are a nutritional additive that help even the new gardener get beautiful results.

Casually speaking and all the best,

*Information retrieved from the sticker on the bag of coffee grounds from Starbucks.


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