Driving For Miles

My twelve year-old car and I have traveled many miles together and yes, I’m proud to be a Toyota owner. This past week I hit a major milestone as I watched the odometer of my 2001 Toyota Corolla turn over to 240,000 miles. Yes, you read correctly. That’s a lot of zeros (wouldn’t it be nice if it were dollars and not miles). This leaves me with two thoughts:

1. Hooray, I’ve had a Toyota for over 12 years and seen first hand that this Toyota vehicle lived up to its name as a  long-lasting car.

2. At 240,000 miles, it might be time to start gathering “my pennies” together, in preparation for my next Toyota.

I bought the car new in 2000 when the odometer was only 7 miles; that was just the beginning. After several trips to Florida, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and through several states on the way to New York this black beauty of a car has seen its share of the road.  Not to mention my daily commute to work and running around town on the weekends. Throughout the years I’ve had basic maintenance on the car, changing tires, oil-change, transmission flush regularly, with few major maintenance issues. My sweetie changes the oil and monitors the fluids all the time which helps to keep the car running smoothly. The highest repair cost on the car was to change the Catalytic converter at about 80,000 miles and then again this past spring. I’ve always felt safe on the road and trusted the reliability of my Toyota.

Back in 2009 when the Toyota Venza first came out I was elated. Toyota developed a new look to its fleet of vehicles that didn’t look like any of the others. Every time I’d see a Venza on the road I’ll call out “Venza”, as if  it were my car driving away and I’d always end up smiling. Silly, right. Then over the summer I got a different perspective and had to hang up the dream of owning a Venza. After some research, I found the next Toyota that I’ll own someday, the Toyota Prius V. This car was introduced in 2011, but only recently did I start to give it another look. The mpg is attractive and the cargo space is inviting, among some of its features. I look forward to the Prius V being my next ride. I’m not ashamed, I’ll say it again “I LOVE my car and I’m a proud TOYOTA owner.”

Image of Toyota Prius V

Image of Toyota Prius V in color Clear Sky Metallic

(The opinion expressed in this post is solely my own. I was not compensated by Toyota to endorse their product. I truly love my car and wanted to share a monumental moment.)

Casually speaking and all the best,

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