September is National Preparedness Month

In case of emergency…..would you know what to do?  Generally speaking many people don’t think about emergencies until they are in one. With expectations of bad weather television and radio stations provide information forecasting the path and anticipated force of inclement weather to get citizens ready for potential natural disasters.  Usually you hear reporters discuss how empty the shelves in the supermarkets and grocery stores are as people stock up on water, bread and other basic necessities. Outside of these types of events, how ready would you and your family be in an emergency? Do you have any of the following?

  • Knowledge of CPR
  • An emergency fund
  • Contact numbers in case of medical or financial crisis
  • A  survival kit
  • An evacuation plan for a fire

If you don’t have any of the bullets listed above, it’s not too late to start, there’s still time to prepare for an emergency. The simplest thing to do from the list  is to gather contact numbers and post them in multiple places in your home.  Another task that can be done from the bullets is to compile a survival kit. Collect dried food goods, water, blankets, candles, matches, batteries, flashlight and put them in a sturdy bag or box—– just for starters.  It’s a good idea to have a survival kit at home or in your vehicle.

The National Preparedness month was formed in the U.S. by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to stir people to prepare themselves for emergencies ahead of time, in their communities, schools, homes and places of business. There are many ways you can prepare yourself and the ones you love for when of an emergency will show up. * The Ready Campaign’s websites ( and and toll-free numbers (1-800-BE-READY and 1-888-SE-LISTO) provide free emergency preparedness information and resources available in English and Spanish.

September isn’t the only month to get prepared, it’s just the month dedicated to reminding us all not to delay and to get ready.

Casually speaking and all the best,

*Information from White website



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