Inspiring Change for a Struggling City

Joshua Smith, from Detroit, Michigan, initially started with a goal to raise $1,000 for his city, little did this ambitious 9 year-old know how his entrepreneurial spirit would raise more than dollars and cents.

Young Mr. Smith saw the garbage and the overgrown grass in a nearby park in his neighborhood and asked his parents why it was in such bad condition. After hearing the response about the city’s lack of money, Mr. Smith decided he wanted to help and so he took action by setting up a lemonade stand in front of his house; he began to sell organic lemonade, popcorn and juices.

Mr. Smith raised funds well over his original goal (close to $4,000) for the city. The city told him that he could keep the money he raised, but he refused to keep it and preferred the city use the money specifically for sprucing up the park and its surrounding area. His admirable efforts have drawn local and national attention from political officials to members of the University of Michigan basketball team. He’s also been offered a $2,000 college scholarship from the Rosa Parks Scholarship foundation.

At 9 years old when many young boys are riding bikes and out playing ball while this young man was out raising money to be a part of the change to improve his community.

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