Saving for a change: Tip #14

When you support local growers at your nearby farmer’s market or fruit stands you can save a lot of money and give back to your community. One of the benefits of buying fruits and vegetables from local growers and farmer’s markets is the food is usually fresh, because a lot of the produce doesn’t take a long time to travel before it’s sold to the public. Sometimes there are pleasant surprises when you go shopping because you might come across exotic and delicious produce, ones that your supermarket might carry. Another benefit is the cost, because there’s not much overhead cost to local growers and farmer’s market owners, the consumers reap the benefits of paying a lower price for their produce. I did a simple experiment by purchasing the same type of produce from the farmer’s market and from the supermarket and refrigerated them both; I found that the produce from the farmer’s market remained fresher longer than the one from the supermarket. That was another cost savings because the food bill could be stretched farther before replenishing. There are many health benefits to eating a balanced meal rich in fruits and vegetables, so while you save a little more in your pockets, your body benefits as well.

If you haven’t visited a fruit stand or farmer’s market before or if it’s been a while, why not take a trip and discover what’s available to you…I’m sure your wallet will thank you for it.

Casually speaking and all the best,


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