Saving for a change: Tip#13

Cleaning the kitchen or bathroom can be a labor intensive chore, but I’ve come across a product that helps to make the job easier. A few months ago my cousin raved about a product that she used to clean her oven, it was quick and easy, she told me. The product is, LAs Totally Awesome all-purpose cleaner. It’s amazing and I found it cuts my cleaning time in half. I bought my first bottle with the intention of tackling a dirty greasy stove top. After spraying the cleaner a couple of times on the stove I was surprised at how easily the grease came off. No scrubbing or scrapping required, just spray and wipe and in less time than I’d ever (I really mean, ever) cleaned the stove before. From the stove I moved on to cleaning the sink, microwave, oven then I moved on to the bathroom. By the time I finished I had nearly emptied all the cleaner in the bottle.

One of the great things about this product is it doesn’t have a strong lingering scent. You can see what you’ve cleaned, but the smell won’t hit you when you enter the room. The other great thing is that the product is inexpensive– I bought a 20 oz bottle for $1.00 and a 64 oz refill bottle was about $3.00. I’ve purchased the product at the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores and I’ve seen it sold on Amazon, but I’m sure it can be found in many other stores as well.


(Note: The opinions posted on this blog are my own and I have not been compensated by LAs Totally Awesome in any way to feature their product.)

Casually Speaking and all the best,


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