Having it All

How much can one person have at a time? Some might argue, they could never have enough and others might say just enough is okay with them. Having it all has different meaning to different people. There are basic essentials that no one can argue that we should be without, food, shelter, water, air and clothing (in no particular order). We dream of accumulating more than we have and living a more comfortable life, yes, but it’s not the things that matter the most.

In situations when unexpected tragedy hits hard and families are left with only the clothes on their backs I’ve often heard it said, “I was happy to get out [of the disastrous situation] with just my life.”  Yet another family, in the same neighborhood, loses everything, including their life.  Tragic situations can put many things in perspective. We should be grateful for all we have and recognize, as we look around, that whatever we have right now is just fine.

Casually speaking and all the best,


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