Saving for a change: Tip #12

Credit/debit cards offer convenience and flexibility when making big purchases or shopping online, and some credit/debit cards offer a faster way to pay with a contact-less payment feature, called radio frequency identification (RFID), built into the card.

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How it works is, consumers wave their card in front of a card reader and instantly the card is charged in an instant. Thousands of retailers use this method of payment and purchases under a certain amount, most times, don’t even need a signature.

While the credit/debit card companies make enhancements in how consumers pay for their purchases, criminally minded individuals are finding ways to make those enhancements work in their favor. Investigative news reports have demonstrated how credit/debit card information can be retrieved without opening a wallet. video by bankorandotcom

I received an updated card in the mail recently and happened to notice the RFID symbol was on the card. I called the credit card company and asked for a new card without the contact-less feature. I got a new card in the mail a few days following with a different number. I know that no t many things are air tight when it comes to security, but I feel a little more comfortable having the card I have now.

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