Seeing Is Believing

From the entrepreneur of the company Toms and the author of the new book, Start Something That Matters (Blake Mycoskie), comes a new venture where seeing is believing. A few months after Toms’ landmark millionth pair of shoes was donated, in October 2010, the company launched its eye-wear line in June 2011.

Image by The Enlightened Shopper

The idea for the eye-wear line came about while Mycoskie was traveling on one of his many trips to donate shoes where he discovered that some children were having trouble seeing the chalkboard in their classrooms. He also found out that many adults had developed cataract and couldn’t sustain a job, so they had to start begging for money. Mycoskie says, “I saw the real effects of vision impairment in the Third World.”

Similar to the shoe division of Toms, the eye-wear has the “one for one” model, so when a consumer purchases a pair of glasses they will help one person get prescription glasses or medical treatment or cataract surgery, whatever is needed for vision care. First shoes, now eye-wear, Toms is certainly taking steps to making the lives of many, from the under represented population, a little brighter.

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