Walking with Walgreens

Image by Walgreens

UPDATED 4/2/12
Congratulations to Arsenio Hall for leading the team to winning $50,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation on The Celebrity Apprentice®.
You can get rewarded when you Walk With Walgreens (WwW). During the month of April Walgreens Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes is offering chances to win fabulous prizes. One of those prizes will be an all-expense-paid trip to New York City for two, with the opportunity to be in the studio audience for the finale of  The Celebrity Apprentice®. There’s never been a better time to get in gear and get walking. Find out more details here.

This time of year there’s a great focus on family get-togethers, dinner with friends, parties with neighbors and other social events with lots of food involved. It’s fun and festive, but we should always keep our health in mind.  Recently, while watching the NBC show, The Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney (the host of the show) mentioned a wellness program that Walgreens drugstore has developed called Walk with Walgreens. Walking, sounds simple enough right, no equipment to buy…no appointments to set….no trainers…no problem.

Just like any form of exercise you have to make the time for it. I remember during this past summer I started a walking routine, where I walked for about an hour, three times a week while I listened to music on my mp3 player. It started out as exercise but it led to much more. The fresh air was great for my body, as well as the natural vitamin D I got from the sun’s ray. Then by the beginning of the fall my weekly routine changed, and unfortunately I didn’t make time to include my walks. I felt the difference in my body immediately… .I was less energized and slightly more irritable. But I’m getting back on track now, because I want to make  whatever changes necessary to be healthier and live a little longer.

Walk with Walgreens has inspired me to get back to a walking routine and the bonus is that Walgreens offers participants rewards. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for doing something good [they even offer a reward just for signing up]. Through partnerships with leading health organizations, Walgreens has set a goal, “to reach millions of people with prevention education and resources to help prevent today’s leading diseases: heart disease, cancer and diabetes.”

Don’t wait to make a New Year’s resolution, the new you can start before January, by making strides to wellness. It’s so simple that everyone can start walking, you can walk alone or walk with a buddy.. As the proverbs says, ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Casually speaking and all the best,


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