Volunteering at your own Pace

You can volunteer from home and work at your own pace doing something you already enjoy. If you’re skilled at knitting, sewing, crocheting or quilting and have some time to spare, Project Linus could use your help. Project Linus is a non-profit organization whose motto is “providing security through blankets.” Project Linus was the birth child of Karen Loucks who was touched by an article she read in Parade Magazine on Christmas Eve, 1995. The article featured a young child who said that her security blanket helped her through chemotherapy treatments. Karen Loucks then decided to give homemade blankets to Denver’s Rock Mountain Children’s Cancer Center.

“Blankets are collected locally and distributed to children in hospitals, shelters, social service agencies or anywhere that a child might be in need of a big hug.” [Project Linus]

Volunteers who donate their time and talent, by making homemade blankets, quilts, knitted Afghans, comforters and receiving blankets to Project Linus are called “blanketeers”. The blankets are given to traumatized and seriously ill children and young adults, ranging in age from newborns to eighteen years old. Since September 2011, over 4,000,000 blankets have been donated to Project Linus. Not to worry if your talent isn’t sewing, knitting, crocheting or quilting, Project Linus will also accept a monetary donation to the organization.

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