Family Gathering

Growing up, I always loved when our family got together for meals, special events and trips. We would always have a good time and enjoyed being “knitted” together. There’s nothing like family. Sure, like many families you experience a few bumps in the road, every now and again, but at the end of the road the family can still stand together.

November is National Adoption Month and there are many young people, not just babies, longing for a change in their world. Their situations vary from mild to the extreme cases where their birth parents weren’t able to give them a strong family structure. Many young people in the foster care system today would love to be part of a family. Not to be shuffled to temporary housing, but permanently placed in a home. They still need love; they still need guidance; they still need to feel wanted.  A family, where they would feel safe and protected; joy and satisfaction and create good memories to last a lifetime. Adoption is a big responsibility and shouldn’t be considered lightly because the future of a child or young adult weighs in the balance. There are many agencies and organizations who service the needs of young people needing permanent placement. If you’re interested in extending your family, you might consider contacting a local office in your area.

Casually speaking and all the best,


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