Saving for a change: Tip #8

You might prefer to pay your bills close to when they are due or on a weekly basis; some people would rather not pay bills at all…that would be a dream. You can spend less time paying your bills, regardless of whether you’re paid weekly, bi-weekly or other alternatives, by taking a little time to organize, arrange and schedule payment dates for your bills. Write down all your bills, on a calendar, create a spreadsheet on your computer or jot down the information in a notebook so you can see all your bills together in one place. If you write checks, fill out the checks and attach it to the calendar for when the bill can be mailed out or dropped off. Hopefully, when you pass by the calendar and see the bill there it will remind you to drop it in the mail. You might choose to pay your bills electronically instead; with that method there are a few added benefits, like scheduling your bill payments ahead of time (as the saying goes,” set it and forget it.”) Another benefit of electronic bill payment is the ability to sign up for e-mail notification, so when a bill is paid an e-mail is sent to your inbox automatically. Timing is everything and working closely with your budget you’ll be able to see where your money is going ahead of time, instead of running behind and scrambling at the last-minute to pay your bills.

Casually speaking and all the best,


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