Feeding the Hungry

The FEED Foundation, co-founded by Ellen Gustafson and Lauren Bush-Lauren, began with a mission to feed hungry children, through their fundraising efforts with the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) school feeding program. The health and nutrition of a child is vital to their development, so getting meals at school, especially in instances where many children might not have enough food at home, is essential. Their foundation began as an extension of the WFP and as the women said, their focus has been to “look holistically at the global food system and find ways to make it better for all people. We are also looking at how we can affect change in related areas, like agriculture, education and health.”  To date millions of meals have been served to children all over the world through the foundation and they didn’t just stop there.

Gustafson and Bush-Lauren have created other ways that The Feed Foundation can raise funds, two of the more popular projects are Feed USA Project and The Feed Project.  Feed USA is reaching out directly to school food providers and educators to enhance the nutrition education and school food; this project started through the partnership with Donorschoose.org. The Feed Project got started with just one eco-friendly tote bag called the Feed 1 Bag, designed by Lauren Bush-Lauren. With this project, using the Feed 1 Bag as an example, the proceeds from a bag can offer school meals to one child for an entire year. The project has grown from just one bag to many other products, as a way to help fund meals for children. Consumers who purchase items from The Feed Projects will make more than a fashion statement with their wears, they’ll help to give a nutritious meal to a child, in a nearby area or thousands of miles away.

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