Reaching New Heights

Tyler Armstrong, a young ambitious 7 year-old boy, from Yorba Linda, California, set out on a sunny day this past summer to carry out a goal that many adults may not have every considered doing, he climbed a mountain. After watching a documentary in December, on hiking the Continental Divide Trail, young Tyler was inspired to take a hike of his own. He trained for months, with the help of his parents and on July 26th, 2011, Tyler and his Dad set out to climb Mt. Whitney.

Mt. Whitney

Once they reached the summit, Tyler logged his name and age, documenting his journey. The trek was eleven miles long and it took them a little over seven hours to complete from start to finish. That’s a lot of  drive and passion for such a young person, but his drive to reach his goal should be an inspiration to others and to remind them that anything is possible.

Tyler won’t just rest of the success of climbing Mt. Whitney, he has his eyes set on climbing Kilimanjaro someday.

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