Saving for a change: Tip #7

You can find savings all over your home, even in your kitchen. Do you have an appliance that you’ve had for years and you believe that it still has a few good years on it? It might. Then again, it could cost you more money to keep it, in terms of energy usage, rather than purchasing a more energy-efficient appliance.  About a year ago, I learned a valuable lesson on how to save money on our gas bill after we bought a new gas cook top. The old cook top had seen better days, the appearance looked outdated and lacked it’s luster, it still worked well, but I’m sure that it may have been in the kitchen since the original homeowners, many, many years ago. While browsing through a nearby home improvement store, we came across a cook top that was on sale, I found out that it was a display item. Seeing the great price there was little hesitation before we quickly purchased the cook top and took it home to install. The new cook top required  an electrical cord, where the one before didn’t have any electrical connection, we simply turned the knob and the gas came on.  After installing the cook top, it dawned on me that the old one was burning gas  constantly, unless the pilot light accidentally went out, but with the new one there was less gas being used. I don’t know why we never thought about it before… because the cook top was already there when we bought the house? Lesson learned: when you don’t know better, you do what you think is best.

The savings followed every month after that when the gas bill came in and the energy usage was lower than the month before and comparatively lower than even the year before. Although we would have liked to, we couldn’t donate our old appliance because it wasn’t in good condition. However, many appliances that are gently used can be donated to worthwhile organizations who could use them to help families in need.

Imagine, changing just one appliance in the home not only updated the look of the kitchen, but it also kept more money in our pockets.

Casually speaking and all the best,


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