Getting Educated

CNN anchor and special correspondent, Soledad O’Brien and  her husband, Brad Raymond (investment banker at Thomas Weisel Partners) have developed a foundation, with the goal of helping young women to have a better chance at getting an education.  After many years of providing scholarships to young women from their own personal funds, this ambitious and generous couple saw a greater need and expanded their vision by creating a foundation, just this year.

The Foundation values the one-to-one relationships they have with their scholars. And “with a relatively small investment, we can drive a phenomenal return,” says Brad Raymond.

The O’Brien Raymond  Foundation doesn’t just provide financial support to these students, they’re also there to mentor the girls as well, which will help in their future success. Scholarships are available to young girls 15 through 21 years old. “The Foundation values equal access to education for everyone, despite the barriers that prevent many from achieving what they are capable of. From the Bronx to New Orléans to Los Angeles, the foundation is engaging young women with opportunity and the push to, as Soledad says,get them over the finish line.”

On Friday, August 12th, the foundation will host their inaugural fundraiser, New Orléans in the Hampton Event and will feature a concert by the New Orléans Jazz Orchestra, who will be joined by Grammy winner, Irvin Mayfield.  This foundation is a picture of hope for many who thought that their future would be hopeless….it will open windows and doors to young women who are looking forward to a promising tomorrow. Visit their website O’Brien Raymond Foundation and watch the video to hear the stories of some bright young women, then perhaps you might be inspired to make a donation to help just one young woman on her way to getting her education.

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