No Waiting

Usually beginning around November there is a surplus of volunteerism in soup kitchens, nursing homes, shelters and the like, but why wait until then, help is needed year round. There are many people who volunteer in their communities without an appeal from any given organization. Then there are others who aren’t sure how they can be of service; what they have to offer or even where they feel comfortable working.  With so many organizations meeting the needs of the public, there’s plenty of places to lend a helping hand.

At a food  bank, for example, their main goal is to feed others, so they are always looking to have their shelves fully stocked. In your cupboard/pantry you might have some extra non-perishable items that can be bagged for a donation to a food bank. Going a step further, you might have a little time to spare where you can help to sort out the donations at the food bank. Then again, you might have a talent as an artist, musician or you’re creative with crafts, you could share that talent with a few seniors at a nursing home. Listening to music is soothing to the soul, so imagine how music could warm the heart of someone who rarely gets visitors, to have you sing to them or play a musical instrument. The list can go and on as to where your skills, ideas or presence can be benefit others.  Look within your neighborhood, search the internet, or in the next town or a few miles down the road where you can be the answer to a stranger in need who could use your help now.

All the best,



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