Saving for a change: Tip#6

The first time I ever heard the term “staycation” was about two years ago, when many people decided that instead of going away from home, they would opt to stay at home or closer to home for their vacation. The driving force to have a staycation is to save money.  Even on a budget there still needs to be room to have fun. On your next staycation there are many activities that you can do in your backyard, and if you don’t have the space, you can go by a friend or family member or visit your local park.  Here are a few suggestions that you might enjoy while on your staycation:

Camping out: Camping is not just for the outdoorsy type who like to sleep outside under the stars, there are many elements of camping that anyone can take part in, without tents, sleeping bags or the sounds of crickets. Some of the highlights of camp are sitting around and telling stories, singing familiar songs and making S’mores. The only cost would be for the food, but then again you might already have what you need in your kitchen; the conversation and singing are free.

Playing Games: There are plenty of games that you and your group can play that will have you on your feet and get your heart pumping. Water balloon fights, egg and spoon races and sackcloth races….if you can’t get your hands on a potato sack then an old pillowcase will work just the same.

Arts and Craft: Deep inside all of us there’s an artist waiting to come out; art is simply a form of self-expression. Choose your medium, whether it’s clay, a blank canvas or Popsicle sticks, they all can create works of art. Many books and videos can inspire you to make a sculpture, a painting or even a bird house. There’s a minimal cost for these supplies that can be purchased at any art supply or craft store.

Sundae Social: On hot summer days ice-cream is often a welcome treat.  Instead of having just ice-cream by itself, dress it up with a few toppings and make it an event.  From nuts, fruits, chocolate chips, syrups, candy or whip cream, you can design your own sundaes to please your palette.

No matter how you spend your time on your staycation, let having fun be the number one thing on your list of things to do.


All the best,


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