Saving for a change: Tip #5

With the unusual weather patterns this past winter it’s been reported that the crops from many farmers might not yield the same volume as in previous years, therefore it’s expected that we should see higher prices for produce in the supermarket. We need to eat our fruits and vegetables to keep up a well-balanced diet. Some people may sacrifice by buying fewer vegetables so they stay within their budget or buy frozen vegetables instead. There is another option, you can grow your own vegetables.

I know, you might say to yourself, I don’t have a “green thumb”, I kill every plant I’ve ever come in contact with. Growing vegetables just takes a little tender loving care ( adequate sunshine and water)…think of the benefits. Start with something easy like tomatoes, herbs or radishes. Many garden centers have plants that are started in pots that decompose, so you simply just plant the entire plant and pot in the ground, water, watch out for weeds and watch it grow. And if you rent a home or an apartment and aren’t able to use a plot of land, you can grow your vegetables in pots and window boxes as well, ask the experts at the garden centers which vegetables they might recommend for containers, because you want to have enough space for the plants to grow. The average price of the plants might range from $3.00 (small plants) – $12.00 (larger plants) and can produce a decent amount of vegetables from just one plant. Imagine, eating fresh vegetables that you grew yourself, that’s what you call farm fresh.

All the best,


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