Vacations and volunteering

If you’re like many people getting ready to plan your next vacation you’re considering exploring new sites, meeting interesting people and seeking out adventure. For a few others, they take similar vacations but instead of lounging in the sun they labor until sundown. Volunteer vacations, by definition, is when an individual, family or group spend their vacation specifically to help others in need.

There are opportunities to build schools in Africa, revitalize a community in North America or aid the water conservation efforts in South America. The distance can be right in your own neighborhood or miles away from home. Many organizations, churches, synagogues and worthwhile charities would appreciate your help and your time. Investigate an area of interests and  find out what best suits your travel needs. Volunteer vacations aren’t very popular, but it’s an experience that will make an unforgettable and impacting vacation.

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  1. I participated in an environmental conservation project in Costa Rica last summer while making time to vacation in a country I’ve never visited. It was definitely a great experience. I was able to travel around the country on the weekend and explore the town I was staying in during the week. I recommend a volunteer vacation for anyone who is looking for a new and exciting experience.

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