Saving for a change: Tip #4

Full course dinner

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Would you like to save money on your gas or electric bill? Try cooking your dinners once a week. Decide ahead of time what you’d like to eat the following week, make your list and then go shopping. Pick a day that  you’ll have enough time to prepare your meals. Not sure what to make, try a new recipe from a cookbook, family and friends or from the internet.  You can make a simple casserole, delicious soup, chilli, tuna or chicken salad or a light vegetable salad, there are endless possibilities. Many supermarkets sell pre-cut vegetables, such as onions, peppers, celery and carrots, either fresh or frozen, which would help save time in the kitchen.  In a few hours you can have a week’s worth of meals. The benefit of cooking your meals once a week is that you’ll use less gas or electricity and you’ll free up more time to enjoy more of the things that you like to do.
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