Saving for a Change: Tip#3

Managing household bills for some is simple, but for many others it’s an adventure in itself. The key to working with household bills is organization. Procrastinators, have no fear… I used to wait until the last-minute to pay my bills too, but then I got tired of paying the late fees on top of the bill.

I started to look at the utilities as debt [nobody likes debt]… I calculated the annual amount of each utility and then I took charge. Starting with the lowest annual amount I paid more than the monthly bill required. The following month I paid a little more again. I could see the annual amount getting lower until it was down to zero, and I kept doing it for each utility. I’m sure the utility company didn’t object because they got their money in advance. When the bills came in the mail after that I smiled at the credit that I saw on the account and was able to relax knowing that there was one less thing to worry about that month.

All the best,



  1. This is really interesting concept! I usually don’t like to have my money in other people’s coffers, i.e. getting back too large of a tax return. But with savings accounts today being lucky to get a 1% return, it makes interesting sense to pay utilities in advance as you would pay down a credit card. If you started in January, by winter you’d have a reprieve and be able to use your “extra cash” to spend on the things you always get stuck paying for during the holiday months. I like it!

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