Offer a Helping Hand

We all could use a helping hand some time or another in our lives. That help can come in many forms, such as making a donation to someone or an organization, spending time with others or rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty.

Recently, a group of us were privileged with the opportunity to help a deserving family realize the joy of home ownership, through the organization Habit for Humanity–partnering with Clark Howard (consumer advocate). We spent a brisk Saturday morning helping with the final touches to make the house complete. We helped with landscaping, painting, cleaning and minor additions that needed to be done. We happily worked along with the homeowner and one of her children to get everything done and at the end of the work day the house was dedicated to the family.

During the dedication ceremony, the homeowner expressed her appreciation to everyone who was involved from day one up to the last few hours. The smile on her face and the happiness she expressed was reward enough for a job well done.  It doesn’t take much, just enough to be the answer to someone in need. Give what you’ve got.

All the best,


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