Waiting on Spring

In February, some parts of the world experience warm weather, but for many others winter’s chilly presence can still be felt. The cold weather can bring on the winter blues, but besides trying to keep your body warm, you can warm-up your spirit as you look forward to winter’s departure.

Start planning ahead, get ready for some of the projects that have been on hold since the first frost. Maybe you thought about changing that old wallpaper or you think a room in your home could be brightened up with a new coat of paint. Thinking about taking a vacation later in the year? Why not get a jump on researching destinations that you’re interested in visiting. Find out about places to stay and things to do during your travel. You might have considered taking up a hobby like, photography, hiking, swimming or even ballroom dancing. Something to keep you active and help relax your mind. There are many places to find classes or to get involved; start in your own neighborhood and investigate what resources are available to you.

Your mind will be less on the weather and more focused on the days ahead.
Hope springs eternal!


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