Dream Quote

Finding Bravery

Sewing Lessons

The Old Cloth and the New
© 1999 Mercedes Douglas

The Old Cloth and the New

Stitched in time the thread is pulled from its spool.

Spinning and spinning it’s joined together with the

the thread of another.

Side by side they move and take their ride, up and

down they go.

Their ride goes on and on until they reach the edge,

then they are knotted together to remain strong

to keep the fabric together.

Another stitch, another thread in and out of the

fabric, the rich cloth that was once looked at as

scraps, pieces of a dream, the dream that

waits for the dawning.

It came alive when the instrument and

music came together.

The sound of joy, the sound of peace.

Can you hear it, softly in the distance?

The thread is fitted tight now with fabric, it

is complete.

Hemmed in the right places, without excess alterations.

From one moment to the next what looked like

a mystery, a misery, turned out to be

a great piece of work.


Shooting Stars

Video by Chanelle Brennan


Springing to Life

Winter Postcard

Loving Doesn’t Come Easy

Waiting Around

Waiting Around
© 2014 Mercedes Douglas

You didn’t want to wait around to see what would happen next
You were impatient and gave up

         So your dream went unfulfilled

If you hung in there; if you pushed yourself a little farther or
even complained less, then you would have been on your
way to success

It’s not too late to turn around and start again, but this time
don’t rush it. Be mindful, be purposeful and be your own

That dream, your dream, it’s still there….  just waiting on you