Waiting Around

Waiting Around
© 2014 Mercedes Douglas

You didn’t want to wait around to see what would happen next
You were impatient and gave up

         So your dream went unfulfilled

If you hung in there; if you pushed yourself a little farther or
even complained less, then you would have been on your
way to success

It’s not too late to turn around and start again, but this time
don’t rush it. Be mindful, be purposeful and be your own

That dream, your dream, it’s still there….  just waiting on you

Reducing Clutter -Part I

My home is clutter free and everything is in its own space (nice and neat), well, that’s how it is in my mind. I’ve decided this is the year to reduce clutter;  it’s not a resolution, it’ll be a way of life and throughout the year I’ll post suggestions on how I’m reducing clutter and maybe it’ll help you.

Two things fell apart  and stopped working last year, the old “big back” TV and a microwave. They both sat in the house for months just collecting dust while I tried to find their final resting place. After researching a few places I found out I could either earn a few dollars from a recycling plant or drop off the items to be recycled, I decided to go with the latter. The car was loaded with the old appliances and the fine folks at Best Buy willing took the old appliances, FREE.  there are some exceptions, but Best Buy’s recycling program is pretty simple, find out more here.  So it was out with the old and made room for more space; home sweet home.

Casually speaking and all the best,